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Heart of Stone: A Paranormal Protector Tale (Book 0 in the Heart of Stone series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

Heart of Stone: A Paranormal Protector Tale (Book 0 in the Heart of Stone series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

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This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

Listening Length: 1 hour and 48 minutes

A prequel to Demelza Carlton's Heart of Stone gargoyle shifter steamy paranormal romance series, set in the Scottish Highlands.

On the outside, Pamela is the perfect lady, spending her days sketching landscapes while waiting for her father to find her a husband, until she meets Ben, the stonemason building her father's new castle, she knows she's found a kindred spirit, with a heart as artistic as her own.

But when family secrets come to light and the supernatural steps in, fate has other plans, and their very lives hang in the balance...


This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Deanna's World
It was okay

As prequels go, this was not terrible. I say this because I've read some that have turned me right off reading the series. I was expecting gargoyles but rather got an introduction to who I assume are going to be the heroes of these books. I know nothing of the series itself. I was drawn to this because I have a thing for gargoyles. I'll check out the first book. I'm not sure how I feel about it being historical, and lacking in actual gargoyles. Might have been better had I just dived right into the first book of the series. Oh well…

What happens next?

A prequel to Demelza's Stone series. She leaves you completely hanging with this one. Makes you wonder what is going to happen.

Steamy book momma
Prequel to the Heart of Stone series

This is the prequel for the Heart of Stone series. To be honest I didn't really see how this works with the series. That being said it may make more sense as the series continues. Pamela is a lady but her father is deeply in debt. He hopes to marry her off before it can affect her too much. Ben and his are working on a building for her father. There other brother is on his way to meet up with them after being away working. They hope to go to the colonies in Australia. Pamela finds herself in some danger and hopes that Ben and his brothers will be able to keep their promise to help her. I have read the first book and I still wasn't quite sure how it really connects but hopefully it will make more sense as the series continues. I have an idea about how it connects but I'm not completely sure yet. I was excited to start the first book in the series after reading this and wasn't disappointed. I am looking forward to reading the series as it continues.

Mr. William Vegvari
A Great Prequel

I read book 2 first but enjoyed the information supplied in this prequel, it explained a few things.
The story is great. I did find it hard to put down once I started
Highly recommended

Beast's Beauty
Intriguing intro!

Introductions of Pamela, Dun, Tor and of course Ben.Cliffha gers are not my favorite but it does make want to explore the series and lets3not forget...the Queen of the Kelpies visions for the Stone brothers...vague, interesting but beguiling at the same time.

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