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Complete Siren of War series EBOOK bundle

Complete Siren of War series EBOOK bundle

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 World War I is over, but another one waits in the a young mermaid is cast out of her community for daring to disobey.  Only to be saved by a human, Scottish engineer William McGregor. Together, can they save the world from the coming storm?

Get the complete series today!

This bundle includes:

🧜‍♀️Ocean's Justice

🧜‍♀️Ocean's Widow

🧜‍♀️Ocean's Bride

🧜‍♀️Ocean's Rise

🧜‍♀️Ocean's War


Or you can find it on all retailers HERE in ebook, audio, and paperback.

Join thousands of enchanted readers who loved this steamy Little Mermaid retelling series from the Queen of Fairytales:

"I love mermaid stories and nobody tells like them like Demelza!" - Michele Gilbert

"If you love mermaids, Ocean's Justice is a MUST READ." - Sherry Fundin

"How can you go wrong with an innocent, castaway siren on a ship full of men? Just make her angry and find out..." - Sharon Delarose

"A tale full of swashbuckling adventure, intrigue, and passion" - Johanna

"Full of fins, frolicking and Scottish MMA champions in kilts" - Syndrium

"A fantastic, steamy tale for grownups, full of magic, fantasy, and the love and desire a siren has for the gorgeous William who stole her heart." - Ginger Gelsheimer, Deep Thoughts from an Author's Cave

"Had me from the first paragraph." - Mary R Styles, Hafna Kliem

"Absolutely a five star read!" - Anna Hub

"An entertaining and poignant story" - Jada Ryker, Top 1000 Reviewer

"A unique and well-written story. Loved it!" - Celindara

"Well researched and realistic - you find yourself there, terrified and yet not wanting to leave." - K T Bowes

"I could taste the sea air" - Heather

"Stop reading reviews and buy these books!" - Eshorts
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Customer Reviews

Based on 278 reviews


Lynn Rogers
Good plot

I liked the story but it ended with a cliff hanger to force you to buy more books. I don't like that.

Ocean's Justice - Siren of War Book #1

Maria is rescued by William MacGregor when she was found adrift in the sea naked in a raft. William vows to protect Maria but the crew want Maria thrown back into the sea because she is a siren who causes death. William falls in love with Maria and they have sex but the next day William feels guilty because he took advantage of her. While on board the SS Trevessa the ship begins to sink and Maria tries to warn the crew to jump ship but the crew want to rape her and throw her into the sea. When Maria made it to the lifeboat along with the other crew members they wanted her dead so she tips the lifeboat over into the shark infested water. Maria sang her song and she transformed into her true self a mermaid. She wanted to save William but could not reveal herself as a mermaid to him. I really enjoyed this fairy tale fantasy novel.

Kindle Customer
An interesting (tail)

I liked this book very much. It is set a long time ago.
A ship finds a young woman in the ocean and they refuse her. She has a secret she keeps quiet about.
She also meets a man who she becomes involved with.
The ending is a surprise, as it will continue in the next book.

Kindle Customer

Maria learns and grows with her Aunt Merry, but still pines for William. A very sensual/sexual book, but if you're prepared for it, it's very good.

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