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Fall: Scheherazade Retold (Book 0 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

Fall: Scheherazade Retold (Book 0 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

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 This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

Listening Length: 35 minutes

Dragon vs fairy godmother - who will win?

When young fairy godmother Zoraida finds herself fighting a losing battle with a dragon to save her godson, she's forced to use her magic to flee.
Only to find herself in the middle of a freezing blizzard.
Rescued by a traveller, she faces a new challenge: can they survive the storm to see Christmas morning?


This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Sally Jo Mikush
Godmother vs dragon.

She was trying to help her Godson fight a dragon but he ran away and left her. She opened a portal to escape but miscalculated and ended up falling. She was lucky the snow was deep but her ragged dress from fighting the dragon was not enough to keep her warm. Baron Hans found her and took her to the hut he was using in his travels. This is the beginning of the story of the enchantress.

Ilona Nurmela
Clean & sweet Sheherezade retelling for a change, humorous to boot, loved it!

Aww, I think this is my favourite in these fairytale book series! Hans' & Lady Zoraida's story starts like a mashup of Sleeping Beauty (or Shrek, depends) and Neil Gaiman's Stardust - with a fairy godmother falling from the skies. I loved the humour, loved Hans and his simple life & wishes and loved Zoraida's no-nonsense attitude and opportunism. Loved, loved, loved. The Sheherezade twist was nice and quite different from the traditional tale (hint: sweet, no gore). Recommended for lovers of sweet & clean fairytale retellngs.

Applebottom Jeans
Fantastic! A sassy heroine

This was hilarious. Zoraide is the godmother to George the wanna be dragon slayer. She has agreed to be "dragon bait" and now is fuming at her dolt of a godson who is attempting to run away from the dragon. Who chooses to try and kill the largest dragon in the world for their first dragon? Why not start with something smaller? Well, why not? It's not like he was an expert dragon slayer .... I loved her... Zaraida is a sassy heroine.
...and then Zoraida is off to her own adventure.....I received a free copy of this book and opted to leave a review.

love to see where stories begin

This is one of my favorite books because it's seems to be where everything begins! Hans is so sweet and is rewarded with love.

Fairy godmothers need happy endings too

A magical mistake while saving a godchild's life lands Zoraida in the midst of a blizzard wearing burned rags. Her rescuer is a lord out hunting who wishes he was home safe and warm for Yule, but is making do in a way-station. Though they are from very different worlds, the good will of the season finds them open to enchantment.

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