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The Green Fairytale Book (Book 9-13 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) AUDIOBOOK

The Green Fairytale Book (Book 9-13 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) AUDIOBOOK

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This audiobook is narrated by Mary Sarah

Listening Length: 21 hours and 47 minutes

An enslaved enchantress, a pretend prince, a djinn who wants nothing more than to be free, a baron desperate to break the curse, and a big bad wolf who might not be so bad after all…

Five medieval fantasy romances from USA Today Bestselling Author Demelza Carlton that will sweep you away to a land of castles, quests and kings where fairytales can come true.

This collection includes:

  • Blow: Three Little Pigs Retold
  • Return: Hansel and Gretel Retold
  • Wish: Aladdin Retold
  • Melt: Snow Queen Retold
  • Spin: Rumpelstiltskin Retold


Or you can find the individual books in this collection on all retailers HERE in ebook, audio, and paperback.

Join thousands of enchanted readers who loved these steamy fairytale retellings from the Queen of Fairytales:

"If you like fairy tales, or good love stories about Vikings, knights in shining armor, and strong willed women, this is a good book, and series for you." - Dorothy E Ingram

"Such a beautiful story. It kept me wanting more and more after each page" - Karen

"All the basic elements of the original well-known tale, artfully combined to become an entirely different, captivating story!" - LC

"Demelza Carlton will entice you with the familiar and enchant you with her surprises" - Lady Corinth 137"Every book in this series has been a winner and they just keep getting better, just the right balance between adventure, fantasy and romance." - 5 Kindles

"The characters are so believable and the settings so beautifully evoked, that the tale carried me away!" - Zed Arya

"I love Demelza's Retold fairy tales" - Kindle Customer

"I failed trying not to feel myself falling so hard in love with this book" - Carla Penaloza

"I love how this author takes a classic tale as inspiration and turns it into something completely different. Lots of action and a fun fast paced read" - T Cleary

"An absolutely delightful, adult fairytale" - Mmmurdoog

"Demelza Carlton does it again! I absolutely adore her books and can't read them fast enough!" - Belle Luna

"Loved every page in this book" - Barbara VW

"Demelza Carlton will entice you with the familiar and enchant you with her surprises . This story is a new favorite, featuring several strong independent women and the men who love and protect them." - Lady Corinth 137

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Customer Reviews

Based on 492 reviews
Lenna WB
He started the tale

Triple sisters were young with the future Prince Wulf aka Rudolf, came up with the title of the three piggies when he came across the youngsters playing in the muddy area of a lake.

Searcher of Unique books
A Retold Indeed

I love this book. There aren't alot of aladdin retelling books that mirrors the original. Most books are their own story or related to the disney version. I enjoy the Princess being a seductress towards an honorable Aladdin. I'm a bit curious to what happen to the genie of the ring. We know what happen to the lamp genie but the ring.

Ilona Nurmela
An imaginative 15+ Hansel & Gretel retelling interwoven with Celtic lore

An imaginative Hansel & Gretel retelling interwoven with Celtic lore where women (while they are not legal rulers) fight at their men's side and are able to choose their own husbands.When Rhona's mother dies she discovers her station isn't what she thought it was. When her father takes a new wife who wants to give him sons, Rhona's & her sisters life is in danger. On a neighbouring isle, Grieve's first love betrays him and to avoid him acting out he is assigned as squire to Rhona's father. With war looming on the horizon and an allegiance with the Vikings to be made, Rhona and Grieve navigate the war preparations & dangers that ensue.I loved Rhona's headstrong character and her fighter spirit. Grieve seemed a bit of a wuss at times, but then the girl was formidable. At times, it felt more like an 18+ fairytale, tbh, on account of how mature the female Mc was and also due to 2 candid but not overly descriptive sex scenes & the daughters of the Isles being free to pick & sample their men before marriage.Recommended for lovers of upper YA (15+) fantasy with medium heat level, retold fairytales and strong, independent women.


Holy Molly, that ending was intense 😳, this was a really good story, I enjoyed every bit of it. To be honest I would like a 2nd book. I want to here more of there story.


Okay at 1st I was a bit confused, still am in a bit lol that I might have to listen/read this 1 more time. But I really liked it very much. I like how it went with Blow the book before this one. But with that ending I can't wait to here the next book in the series.

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