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Broken Chains: A Paranormal Protector Tale (Book 1 in the Heart of Stone series) AUDIOBOOK

Broken Chains: A Paranormal Protector Tale (Book 1 in the Heart of Stone series) AUDIOBOOK

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This audiobook is narrated by Amy Soakes.

Listening Length: 5 hours and 18 minutes

Shy librarian Catena likes her quiet life…until a huge naked man muscles his way into her house, insisting he's been woken from his centuries-long sleep to be her personal protector.

Catena's life is turned upside down when she's saved by a creature she's only heard about in books. If only her hero's rock-hard abs weren't actually made out of stone.

Tor has no memory of his past. All he knows is that he must protect Catena at all costs.

Can they unlock the dark secrets chaining them to the past, and forge a new future?

This is a steamy gargoyle shifter romance, so if you don't like your heroes hot, hard and protective, Tor and Catena's tale might be a bit much for you.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews

This book was both silly and fun. A very light romance with attraction at first sight. It was cute and a quick read. I will for sure be reading the next story in this series. Tor was adorable and it was cute watching him learn about the present day. I enjoyed this one a lot.\nSpice: 🌶️\nSteam: 🔥\nSweetness: 💗💗

E. Fuller

While the changes in POV could be disorienting in the beginning especially, it was worth pushing through to get to the more exciting pages! I loved seeing real(istic?) history thrown in there, and it seems like the author did her research. Then again, I know nothing about history, so for all I know, it could be made up. It feels well-researched though! I feel like the shoes have left us with more of a mystery, but there's little indication that it will be solved in a later book. Will definitely keep reading to find out!


I enjoyed reading this book it was very entertaining and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

Amazon Reviewer

I dont often find a good paranormal romance set in my home country Australia.. i loved every word of it and now i need the next book . Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Shawnee B

The author had a fascinating premise for this story, of an archeologist FMC accidentally summoning a gargoyle. What made it interesting was that she wasn’t at a dig when she found him. The “archeologist summoning at an ancient temple” trope has been done, so it was fun to see a different version.\nThe FMC was very relatable, as was her family. She had her obvious flaws; procrastination and limited communication skills were the most prominent. The MMC was very insecure and brow beaten, which isn’t typical when the MMC is hot AF.\nI felt like the end of the story was a bit rushed. I wanted more time to enjoy the lead up to HEA.\n\nSpice level: 2/5 - 1 spicy scene and mentions of other liaisons\n\nTriggers: captivity, torture (briefly mentioned), mentions of disturbing occult practices

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