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Mel Goes to Hell (Book 3 in the Mel Goes to Hell series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

Mel Goes to Hell (Book 3 in the Mel Goes to Hell series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

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This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

Listening Length: 6 hours and 9 minutes

The ultimate forbidden love – when Lucifer falls for an angel.

Luce and Mel unearth an age-old conspiracy behind his fall from Heaven which could doom their love for eternity. Yet in the deepest levels of Hell lies a secret that could hold their salvation.

Eternal damnation awaits any angel who descends into the Pit of Despair, but Mel will move Heaven and Earth to save Lucifer’s soul. Armed with little more than the fury of a righteous angel, Mel will raise Hell in the name of love.

From the heights of Heaven to the depths of Hell, can love truly conquer all?


This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

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Join thousands of readers who loved this devilishly sexy, funny as hell paranormal romance/urban fantasy series:

"A story of love, sacrifice and redemption - a unique storyline that keeps me captivated and wanting more." - Sherry Fundin at Fundinmental

"The best that Demelza Carlton has put out yet. Prepare to be shocked, stunned, laugh and wonder...could it be?" - K T Bowes

"A quest for love, redemption and underwear. A witty, engaging adventure that flows between star crossed love, biblical adventure and sassy comedy." - Syndrium

"A fun filled romp through the delicate landmine that is Heaven and Hell." - Rachel Hamilton

"Read it & loved it!!!! Oh, hell!!!" - Nancy

"It's not only Luce who walks around Hell in his birthday suit" - Hellvis

"I have to definitely applaud, bow and smile while shaking my head as I close down this read. Ms. Carlton, you've blown me away! I absolutely loved this story." - Carey Decevito
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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Kat Z
awww. I loved it

Mel is just the nicest. Who could not like someone everyone likes and wants to help. She is definitely my favorite character and we learn more about her in this story. There are also some other Greek names here, ones you will know. A cute story I liked.

Kindle Customer
Traipsing through Hell

Mel is very intent on getting her demon back. This story is well written and flows nicely. Characters develop and progress as one might imagine, and there are some twists along the way to keep it interesting.

Easy-to-read. Entertaining. Wonderful characters.

As expected Mel, Lady Muriel of Hashmallim, is the central character and she is fabulous. Luce, Lucifer, make a compelling Lord of Hell. Both have doubts. Both are imperfect. But Mel's ability to love and forgive truly knows no bounds. The ending was unexpected but does not seem out of all likelihood. I look forward to reading what follows.I received a copy of this book as a gift. This is my honest review.

I have the next two books in my queue

More Mel and Luce adventures. No spoilers, but if you enjoyed the earlier books in the series you will like this one.

Mel Goes to Hell

Another wonderful romp with angels and demons and the devil himself. When Mel's plan to return Luce to Heaven runs into a snag, she finds herself traipsing naked through Hell in search of her missing lover. Mel handles Hell and it's denizens with her usual poise and runs into old friends at every turn. I received an advance copy of this book and voluntarily left a review.

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