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The Rock Star Wants A Wife (Book 5 in the Romance Island Resort series) PAPERBACK

The Rock Star Wants A Wife (Book 5 in the Romance Island Resort series) PAPERBACK

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Twelve girls. Four weeks. One reality TV show. The prize? A rock star’s heart.

After losing her job as an apprentice chef, Penelope will stop at nothing to regain her reputation. A reality show where she can demonstrate her skills on national television is the perfect opportunity.

She’s not looking for love, but four weeks in paradise being romanced by a rock star might be enough to change her mind. And when that rock star wants a wife…will marriage be on the menu?


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248 pages


‎5.06 x 0.56 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

18 October 2016


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Luisa k
Baby you rock

Totally the best of five books read. Jason was taken back to all his conquest. Only to fine she was right in front of his nose. I love happy ending. Thank you for your series of Rockstar who lose sight of their fame and want to settle down like normal people.

Kindle Customer
Liked It

I enjoyed Jay's latest crazy mission to find love. I liked him a lot more in this one - less douchebaggy. Sweet even. Well-written as always. Loved the surprises at the end.

More crazy adventures for the rock star!

Jay's life continues on its roller coaster as he searches for more than a one night stand. As he has done before, we come to find out he really didn't like Gaia but didn't want her to feel bad about herself so he gave her a night of pleasure. Then discovers she's let slip to the world that they are engaged...what? Things get interesting when Paige, his first real girlfriend before he was famous, comes back into his life when Xan gets a reality show to film at Romance Island Resort. As you would expect, nothing goes the way it's supposed to and there are plenty of surprises as the story unfolds. We learn more about Jay and his past hurts and why he keeps doing what he does. What better way to find love than be the bachelor on a reality show - hosted by none other than the girl from his past. Things are definitely crazy in this story and leave me shaking my head at times. It also leaves me wondering whether things will really work out for Jay after he has proposed (again). Will he really get married? You'll have to read the next book to find out...The Rock Star's Wedding.

MLS Kindle Customer
Enjoyable reading

I have enjoyed reading this series. Jay started out pretty crazy, but has evolved into a really likable man. Who would have thought that! This was a fun book to read. The Bachelor (TV show) on steroids!

Ola (iliasviel)
Tv show as a way to find a wife? Why not!

Penelope is a girl we know from book 1 - the one that slept with Jay after saying she was sent by Audra. In book one I really didn't like her - a girl that only liked sex and is totally selfcentered. Now after some time she comes back to the resort in order to take part in TV show. what will IT be about? I can see that she grow up during that time.
Jay wants a wire desperetly do why not make IT via TV show? When there is a małe spot to be filled he voluntare to be the one that looks for a wife. He was so grown ul in some parts that it was a shock to me!
I really enjoyed this story and whole competition. So who will get to be Jay's wife? Check it out in this book.

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