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The Rock Star and the Billionaire (Book 4 in the Romance Island Resort series) PAPERBACK

The Rock Star and the Billionaire (Book 4 in the Romance Island Resort series) PAPERBACK

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Trained from birth to take over her mother’s mining empire, even a disaster at her biggest mine doesn’t faze billionaire heiress Gaia Vasse. All she has to do is acquire the nearby Romance Island Resort and she can reopen her mine. Easy.

Only Gaia hadn’t counted on the sexy-as-sin rock star owner of the hotel, who refuses to sell. Gaia will have to decide what she wants more – the resort or the rock star. Would it be such a bad thing to mix business with pleasure?


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236 pages


5.06 x 0.54 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

21 May 2016


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
I'm still rooting for the Rock Star!

The Romance Island series by Demelza Carlton is a great and unusual series. I love this author, she is so creative and unique. This series especially keeps you guessing. You keep thinking maybe the Rock Star has found his match. He is such a funny mixture of romantic and crass, practical and yet pampered. He has a huge ego but he also has vulnerabilities. He has a very generous heart but he's no push over. Anyway, the Billionaire was not my favorite of his lady loves but the story was quite good in spite of her. We aren't MEANT to particularly like her, so this is no fault of the author. She succeeds in portraying the poor little rich girl. Suffice it to say that this is a good addition to the series. I can't wait to read the next one!

Jay continues to surprise as we learn more about him...

Jay just keeps surprising me in each of these books as we get to know more about him and what drives him to behave the way he does. It makes me like him a little more. Gaia comes onto the scene in a flourish ready to take over the world (or at least Romance Island Resort) and expects everyone to bow to her demands. Gaia has met her match in Jay, however, and things get interesting. In his usual style, Jay loves to push people's buttons and he doesn't hesitate to do so with Gaia. Over the course of time the two spend together, Gaia pulls out all the stops to try and win Jay over. The story takes you on quite the adventure as these two go at it. Will one of them find their humanity? Read it to find out. Looking forward to finding out what happens next for Jay - he sure does have some crazy adventures as he continues to win the hearts of women - but will he ever find the "one?"

Trish Czernyszow
Five Stars

Great reading

Just ok!

The Rock Star and the Billionaire the fourth book in the Romance Island Resort series by Demelza Carlton. I really enjoyed the first three books but this one seemed to be missing something. Alright but not as good as the first three. Didn't like the characters together as much. Missed Zan not being there. Just ok!

Ola (iliasviel)
Loving Billionaire - is that easy?

Gaia is a woman that would do ANYTHING in order t get what she wants, and now she wants Romance Island Resort! What will she do to get it? She seems to be a woman that would even destroy someone for it - but is that true?
Jay is a Jay here, but I can see his feeling s real toward Flavia, but what will happen between them when Gaia arrives at Resort and after some time decides that she wants to win Jay? I can promise a storm of feelings!
Really nice read even f I considered Gaia a bi*ch during this book, but what I could expect from Billionaire daughter trained as an heiress?I reviewed an item borrowed from a friend

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