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Ocean's Rise (Book 4 in the Siren of War series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

Ocean's Rise (Book 4 in the Siren of War series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

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This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

Listening Length: 3 hours and 50 minutes

With a baby on the way, Maria thought her troubles would be over, but a new storm is brewing with the power to sweep away everything she holds dear.

Maria will be faced with a heartbreaking choice between the ocean and her family. A choice that could cost her everything.


This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

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Join thousands of enchanted readers who loved this steamy Little Mermaid retelling series from the Queen of Fairytales:

"I love mermaid stories and nobody tells like them like Demelza!" - Michele Gilbert

"A tale full of swashbuckling adventure, intrigue, and passion" - Johanna

"Full of fins, frolicking and Scottish MMA champions in kilts" - Syndrium

"A fantastic, steamy tale for grownups, full of magic, fantasy, and the love and desire a siren has for the gorgeous William who stole her heart." - Ginger Gelsheimer, Deep Thoughts from an Author's Cave

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Quite a good story

Quite a good story, although it does hold tragedy. Maria (Serina) continues to bloom both onshore and under the waves. William does well by her and I enjoyed meeting William's sister Sarah. So much happens in this story and yet the pace was slow and steady. I feel that it could have done with fewer sex scenes as, at least to me, they didn't really add to the plot. The ending was mildly satisfying and leaves me wondering where the story will lead next.Easy-to-read. Entertaining. Great world building. Haunting. Steamy. Tragic. Twisted. Unpredictable. Wonderful characters.I received a review copy of this book from a third party. This is my honest review.

That's not the end!

Ocean's Rise is not the last book in the series! One more is coming that will wrap things up. :) I really enjoyed this story. Demelza has great world-building skills. Lots of sadness and anxiety in this story, but also plenty of fun scenes and images like motorcycle rides and canoodling. ;) I read an ARC of this book and am happy to offer this honest review.

Sirena's ending

This is the conclusion to Sirena/Maria's story. She is happy with William and pregnant with her daughter Belinda (Apalala). It's a bitter sweet tale of love, loss and finding one's true place in the world. It's a good read and fitting ending to her story. I volunteered to read this book.

Starr Wilde
Love this world!

I think the author has such an amazing gift for world building...I am so jealous! She completely immerses you in whatever world she is writing about...It is very different from any other author I have ever read (and I read A LOT)...Even though this was not the happy ending I thought we may get, it was still engaging and engrossing...

dora la exploradora
A sad way out

The moments of happiness seemed counted for Maria, the secrets weighed too much, and the danger loomed over the humans and her beloved William. The internal struggle had Maria overwhelmed but when tragedy strikes, she no longer has alternatives, the threat must be faced. Suspense, an intriguing character, family drama, amusing scenes, romance, heated passion and a twist that took me by surprise. What else is in store for Sirena? Voluntarily reviewed this copy that I liked.

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