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How to Catch Crabs (Book 6 in the Siren of War series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

How to Catch Crabs (Book 6 in the Siren of War series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

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This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

Listening Length: 2 hours and 24 minutes


Love and babies: two things Lucy doesn’t have time for in her life. It’s 1926 and this young West Australian woman is happy as an accountant. And she intends to stay that way.
Along comes Giorgio, an Italian migrant fisherman sent to Australia in disgrace. The moment their eyes meet across the fish market, he knows Lucy’s the girl for him. If it weren’t for his reputation as a rake, he’s certain he could catch more than just her eye – perhaps even her heart, too.
A tale of crabs, cricket bats and catching your heart’s desire in Jazz Age Western Australia.


This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Kate Callen
Short spin off

Having read the extended paranormal series, this straight romance was a little bonus that was far better than I feared.

Wonderful story.

How to Catch Crabs - Heartwarmingly funny! A well written, happy romance with two main characters and a fun plot that keep the reader immersed in their story until the story ends, too soon at that. I had to read Ocean's Justice to find out the story of some of the other characters. According to the author, this is a prequel to Ocean's Justice and the Turbulence and Triumph series.Ocean's Justice - Here we met Marie and William. While there is still humor in this well written story, there's a touch of darkness and revenge. A delightful set of characters, along with the not so nice, and a suspenseful plot. I couldn't put this story down until it was finished. Sadly, I didn't have any more of the series to continue on with the story.Ocean's Gift - This series should be read after the Turbulence and Triumph series, but it's not necessary, just sequential. This is another well written story full of romance, intrigue and humor. It's hard to put down any book by this author. Although I chain read these four books, I didn't get oversaturated, which I have done with other authors and stopped reading to have a change. They were like reading a long length novel, the pages just flew by.Fire and Water - A well written, fun filled romance between two unlikely characters that has the entertained reader immersed in their story. The ending is HEA, but not in the way the reader expects it to happen. According to the author, this is a prequel to Ocean's Gift and Ocean's Infiltrator. The male love interest also appears as a minor character in Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer.Halcyon (#1) - A well written scifi/fantasy with believable characters and an interesting twisting plot. I finished Halcyon in one sitting, couldn't put the book down. Ms. Carlton never disappoints the reader, her books are always good, no matter the genre. A gifted storyteller. Love the dedication to the physics PHD. This book has a preview, which I appreciate knowing what a book is about before I read it.Fishtail (#2) - OMGosh, this series is addicting! I love this well written story with it's interesting characters and twisting plot. I loved the ending, because I wasn't sure the author would return "secret" (read the book to find out). I laughed about the main male character, you can call him a fantasy - I wonder if I have to move to Australia to get one of his kind. This series is just as great as her fairy tales. Again, another good story from a very good author. This book has a preview, which I appreciate knowing what a book is about before I read it.

3.5 Stars

A quick freebie that kept me entertained for an hour and a bit :)
Considering I usually prefer dark suspense, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this!

A beautiful love story set in Western Australia

I love this book. The love story between Lucy & Giorgio started as lust at first sight for them both. But Lucy had no plans of getting married & having 8 babies like her mother. She was having a career, thank you very much! Giorgio was sent out from Italy to join his older brother in disgrace & was working at the Fremantle fish markets when he first saw Lucy. Apart from stealing a kiss in the laundry & getting a cricket bat to the head for his trouble, their love & the softening of Lucy's staunch ideas of staying a singleton, all changes on a birding boat trip.I enjoyed this book so much, I promptly went & bought the entire Turbulence & Triumph set (& have, so far, already read book one!). I had to find out more about Lucy, Giorgio & the mysterious Maria. I highly recommend

How To Catch Crabs (Turbulence and Triumph... Demelza Carlton

This was a story you just want to continue reading . Lucy, is of Croatian heritage where the women stay home and cook , clean and have babies, she does not want that for herself. Giorgio, is an Italian migrant fisherman sent to Australia in disgrace. What happens when Lucy is sent to town to get crabs, and these two meet? I could not help but laugh in a few places. It is a book I will read over at a later date. I was gifted a copy for an honest review .

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