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Embellish: Brave LIttle Tailor Retold (Book 7 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

Embellish: Brave LIttle Tailor Retold (Book 7 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

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A maiden dying for adventure. A prince on a perilous quest. Monsters that must be slain.

Once upon a time…

After losing a battle with a dragon, George is desperate to salvage his reputation. Only he can’t do it alone – he needs an assistant.

Royal tailor Melitta longs for adventure, so when she hears of a job opening for an apprentice hero, she jumps at the chance. Slaying monsters must be more exciting than sewing.

Can the unlikely pair still succeed at their quest – or will they fall for each other instead?


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Join thousands of enchanted readers who loved this steamy fairytale retelling from the Queen of Fairytales:

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"I was flabbergasted by this fabulous fable!" - Glorious Gia

"A dash of mind-reading, a pinch of native cunning, humor, growing affection and facing, monsters, and mix it into an unexpected love story, and you have a winner." - Java Monster

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"A super story by Demelza Carlton" - Kindle Customer

"Another amazing fairytale retold!" - Patti Hays

"One of my favourites of this series. Unique and intriguing, Demelza Carlton takes fairytales and reinvents them with such creativity and originality that one can't help but love her stories." - Alex C

"I always highly recommend Demelza's books. Love them." - KJ

"I couldn't put it down!! Totally worth the loss of sleep" - Flipper 08

"I loved this retelling of The Brave Little Tailor. Demelza does it again with wit and humor" - Momo

"I most eagerly await the next fairytale Demelza pens. Well done, I loved it!" - 5 Kindles

"I enjoyed this book enormously. This was a great retelling of the tailor fairy tale. Ms. Carlton has hit it out of the park" - Wildelk

"Very enjoyable and a fun read" - Pamela Watkins

"You will love this story the way it SHOULD have been written hundreds of years ago!" - CH Brown 21

"A great adult remake of a child's fairy tale" - Mima 48

"I couldn't have picked another book that tops this amazing story" - Kassandra

"I love Ms. Carlton's writing. I love how she reimagines the stories" - Kindle Customer

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"Full of unexpected turns and a few laugh out loud moments" - Kindle Customer

"Quirky and fun" - Brandi B

"A unique variation of a classic fairy tale. I'm now reading the whole series" - Kindle Customer

"OMG, so good!" Wendy A

"Beautiful, well written tale!!! Another absolutely fantastic work by an amazing author!!!" - Amazon Customer


278 pages


5.06 x 0.63 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

20 November 2017


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews

Well to be honest I don't really know how the original story of Brave little Tailor goes. But I got to say I really enjoyed this story very much. It had a bit of humor in it, that I like. Kinda want more of there story though.

Kindle Customer

So nice to have the maiden be so strong! She is in an earlier book. I like the links between the books.

Barb Ellen VanderWel
Love it

I love this book.
Can't wait for more.
I will be leaving a review on Goodreads & Amazon.
And letting everyone know about it.
So I give it a 5 Star!

Starr Wilde
Took me a bit to get interested in people

It took me about 25% of the book to really be interested in what was happening with the characters was ok..

Kaitlin H
The best yet

I've changed my mind, this might actually be my favorite in the series.Melitta is an apprentice tailor and favorite of the queen who longs for a different life. George longs to slay a dragon. Will they both achieve their destiny?This story features women with weapons which is my absolute favorite.I received a copy from StoryOrigin all opinions are my own.

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