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Broken Dreams: A Paranormal Protector Tale (Book 3 in the Heart of Stone series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

Broken Dreams: A Paranormal Protector Tale (Book 3 in the Heart of Stone series) AUTO-NARRATED AUDIOBOOK

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This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

Listening Length: 6 hours and 48 minutes

Since her mother died, Rochelle has known nothing but bad luck. Barely scraping through her studies in between working two jobs, while living with her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, if he’d only listen to her long enough to hear her say it’s over…it’s all she can do to keep it together.
Until she meets Ben, a fellow artist who helps her break free. But Ben has dark secrets of his own, and a past darker than Rochelle can imagine…
Buried after a botched ritual, Ben wakes as a gargoyle protector. The gargoyle curse compels him to protect Rochelle, but Ben also has his own mission: to find his lost brothers, hunt down the man who cursed them, and make him pay for his crimes.
Ben thought he’d already killed him, but this time, he’s going to make sure he sends the bastard to hell permanently…even if he has to summon the devil himself to do it. 


This audiobook is autonarrated by an AI, not human narrated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
A wonderful story.

A wonderful story. Ben Stone and Rochell Bourke were introduced in the previous title of the series. This title shares their story in considerably more detail; a well-woven tale with very real emotions. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.I received a review copy of this book from a third party. This is my honest review.

Enjoyable read

Fun wrap-up of the brothers' stories. I enjoyed the book, but wish it had given me more depth in the final pages which is my only drawback. I would have loved more details. I am looking forward to reading about their uncle's story.

Pose For Me

Ben Stone digs himself up and finds himself in the middle of a football field. What kind of magic is it that butcher Pierce performed on him hundreds of ago that he is still alive and can walk through walls, but no matter that, he must seek vengeance for his brothers Tor and Dunstan deaths. Well at least now he can take those art classes he always wanted to, but couldn't, he'll just have to do it from the rafters.
He finds that he can't get that beauty he met by the field throwing rocks, out of his mind, he must follow her wherever she may be, which turns out to be the coffee shop where she works and a place where he is able to make a living with his art.But will Rochelle still want to be with him when she learns that her lover is a gargoyle and a convicted murderer hundreds of years ago at that?The art that Ben creates depicting himself with Rochelle in their passionate moments will have you sweating bullets!

Jedi family
Ben's turn

Book 3 and I could not wait to meet Ben after the tease of him at the end of book 2. I was a little surprised by how much Ben remembered compared to that of his brothers, but that is eventually explained.I enjoyed the overlap with books 1 and 2 and getting to see the explanation behind the videos that get posted of Moth man. I liked how much more worldly Ben is compared to his brothers. Story was a compelling read that I had a hard time putting down even when my break at work was over. I have enjoyed all 3 stories and am looking forward to the new series.I received an advanced copy of this story and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.

Heart of Stone

After a bit of a rough start in this series (my opinion only), it ended very well. The writing seems to smooth out and more life was added to the characters. Some twists, unexpected turns, and a very good read.

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