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Vulcan: An Alien Scifi Romance (Book 3 in the Colony: Holiday series) PAPERBACK

Vulcan: An Alien Scifi Romance (Book 3 in the Colony: Holiday series) PAPERBACK

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It's New Year's Eve...again.

Every New Year's Eve, Vulcan takes the stage at the most exclusive club in the Colony. And every New Year's Eve, shy librarian Hestia takes the same table to watch the show.
But this year, Hestia's making a new year's resolution that could change everything.
If she dares…


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179 pages


5.06 x 0.41 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

21 December 2021


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

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dora la exploradora

Clinging to his grief for what was lost, Vulcan had been unable to move forward. Hestia also had her own story of loss and when they both share their experiences and open her heart a new hope arises for them. I liked the beautiful descriptions, the illusions, and how Hestia offered support to Vulcan. A somewhat sad story, but with romance and a good ending full of hope.

Kindle Customer

Good story. This one showed a lot of emotional pain for H/H. I loved the dancing. The visual I got blew me away. What fun talent to have. Good read

Kindle Customer
Dancing for an audience of one

Vulcan performed for many but only had eyes for Hestia. They talk and drink after the performance. They go to the library for a private show.

When your idol crush is even MORE amazing...

Vulcan is book 3 in the Colony: Holiday series of bite sized stories centered around a colony of intermingling aliens and humans as they get to know one another. The books can be read standalone and in any order. It is written in third person omniscient perspective from both leads' (alternating) point of view.This short was certainly heavier than the last two, though there were still amusing moments. There was definitely an overabundance of sweet. Definitely gave me a sweet tooth. Vulcan is a performer who can create illusions and runs a bar under his name on the Colony. Hestia is a the Colony's librarian who is living a quiet and uneventful life. Her friends insist she get out of her shell and since this happens to be Vulcan's last New Years performance, the two end up in something of a collision course. The ensuing explosion is emotional, amusing, sweet, and a dose of spicy. They find a way to move through their losses together and make a new connection.If you like your aliens talented, your tear ducts wet, and your romance sweet, steamy, and adorable, this is a good little read for you.

Enjoyed Holiday Book 3

This was another entertaining book about the Colony inhabitants.Because I love books and tend to be shy, I could definitely identify with Hestia.

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