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Talon: An Alien Scifi Romance (Book 2 in the Colony: Nyx series) PAPERBACK

Talon: An Alien Scifi Romance (Book 2 in the Colony: Nyx series) PAPERBACK

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Rue joined the Colony for one reason: she wants her own farm, just like the one her parents had back on Earth, only better. She’ll happily do any farm job – including assisting the gorgeous griffon pest control officer. So when she’s forced to take another girl’s place at the Intergalactic Dating Agency’s speed dating event, she has only one plan: find a guy who also has no interest in making a match, and spend the night talking to him.

When griffon shifter Talon agrees to help out a friend by being his wingman at the Intergalactic Dating Agency’s speed dating event, he knows he won’t find his match there. In fact, he might have already found her. The only problem is, she’s only ever seen him as a griffon.

Until fate throws them together…


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182 pages


5.06 x 0.41 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

27 October 2022


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Another great short read!

The continuation of the story that started in "Fang". I liked how he is a shape shifter and she doesn't realize who he is when she meets him in his human form.
A slower burn than the first one, and just as wonderful to read.

Kindle Customer

Rue is just one of the girls at StarFarms, they signed a 10 year contract to have four alien hybrid children to help populate the colony. But everything is not aboveboard, there're secrets the girls don't know about. Including the war with the aliens n the subsequent peace treaty. Rue considers the contract as propaganda n wants to establish her farm before having children.
Talon is a Titan alien, an owl griffin shifter. He runs a pest control business. Going to the farm he's cautioned not to speak or interact with any of the girls. Rue is told to show him where to stash his gear, she talks non-stop while Talon just nods his head or smiles, never saying a word. Not that he doesn't want to but because he promised not to. He finds her utterly fascinating n beautiful, never believing in fated mates, if it's actually true she would his perfect mate.
This is a short story n ends kinda abruptly, not sure what exactly happens with Talon n Rue.


Ruru is the perfect woman for Talon. If only she saw him as a man and not just a beast. This story has an entertaining mix of lovable characters, shady villains, drama, intrigue, and steam!

Keanti Tolliver
Griffon Shifter hottie!

The second book in the series for Colony Nyx did not disappoint me at all. I like the way some of the plot over laps with the first book so you get a sense of what each friend and colony girl was doing at that time. Talon and Rue just seem like they were made for each other and it was an amazing story line that leads them to their HEA. You also get a little more insight into how the colony the girls are from just is not right, and one hell of a cliff hanger to start the third book! I cant wait!

Marilyn Smith
Having a speed dating adventure

This was a story of Talon who gets pulled into the speed dating and Rue end up talking to him. He was to be a wingman but gets pulled in! Things go from there as their story goes into an adventure! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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