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See You in Hell (Book 2 in the Mel Goes to Hell series) PAPERBACK

See You in Hell (Book 2 in the Mel Goes to Hell series) PAPERBACK

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A devilishly hot CEO. The angelic new office temp. A match made in Heaven or Hell?

Melody Angel takes a job as a temp at the HELL Corporation. Surrounded by eternal bureaucracy gone mad, demons who love making life miserable, and dying for a decent coffee, it may take a miracle for Mel’s mission to succeed. She must find out what evil plans Lucifer and his minions have in store and stop them, using any means necessary.

Adding trouble and temptation to Mel’s job is Luce Iblis, the damnably hot CEO, who has set his smouldering eyes on the new office angel and he’s determined to claim her, body and soul.

Can ultimate evil and angelic perfection escape a limbo of desire and find a paradise of their own?


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Join thousands of readers who loved this devilishly sexy, funny as hell paranormal romance/urban fantasy series:

"*****5 -Funny, Unique & Engrossing- Stars***** Funny as hell - an awesome read" - Bookworm Betties

"Laugh out loud hilarious...full of satire and chemistry, an explosive combination." - Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers' Favorite

"Quick-witted, fun, and worryingly recognizable. Opposites attract taken to the extreme." - Olga Nunez Miret, BTS Magazine

"Love, Love, Loved this story. Ms. Carlton has written a story that is humorous, sexy, and unique." - Page Princess

"Light hearted horny fun" - Gemma Farrow

"So freaking funny" - Cruising Susan Reviews

"One hell of a funny read. I love me some Luce." - Love N. Books

"Forget thinking it's your run of the mill, angels versus demons story. Just wait till you hit the scene with the coffee maker" - Rachel, The SubClub Books

"The right amount of sexy" - Johanna

"The chemistry between the two...I feel the heat from hell off the pages" - Carey Decevito, author of The Broken Men Chronicles

"It makes you feel so wrong but you can't help it" - The Two Brains of Book Reviewers

"A very unique read on Angels and Demons. I loved this book" - Pamaceeve's Blog

"The ultimate forbidden love" - Talk Supe

"Mel needs more books. I give See You in Hell 5 books!!" - I Feel the Need, the Need to Read

"Luce definitely grows on you" - Ginger Gelsheimer, author of the Aurora Conspiracy series

"Smoking hot gals and attractively seductive guys!" - Daniel Greathead, author of the Half-Light series

"Cute but captivating" - Platypire Reviews

"A stroke of genius" - Mary Rose Styles

"A funny battle of good versus evil" - KT Book Reviews

"The corrosive force of love at work" - Dean C. Moore

"I laughed out loud quite a few times (much to the scared observance of onlookers on the train)" - Syndrium


406 pages


5.06 x 0.83 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

5 March 2018


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Kat Z
Mel is Awesome

I liked this second book in this series! Mel is a most interesting character and I really like reading about her. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Kindle Customer
Angel temp

Such a fun concept. Angel temps working in demon businesses. Mel is very good at her job, and more compatible with the demons than other angels, which helps her get to her objective quicker. Great characters and good plot.

Love it

I loved the storyline and the characters...who knew demons could be so entertaining and endearing. Really looking forward to the next book!

A Great Series

I laughed, chuckled and smiled, alot.

Jacob Sindic
Good potential squandered with tepid contents

Admittedly I came into this "second" book rather skeptically, given that the book listed as the first in the series is basically just a bulked up prologue framed more like a preview than an actual novel or even novella. But the concept gave me enough of an interest to press onward and see what the story would entail. Unfortunately for me, not much.The potential is there, in spades. The author is well written and has a strong voice for the characters, particularly the first person narration for the angelic protagonist Mel. Details are descriptive and there is just enough time given to them without bogging things down overall. The notion of Heaven and Hell waging corporate warfare for the souls and dominion of Earth is a premise that should spark absurdity and humor and in parts it does. By all accounts, the idea of a formidable angel woman surveying and trying to undermine the Devil's corporate campaign on humanity whilst denying a budding attraction should be a goldmine of engaging content with that kind of writing shaping.Instead however, we get a very slow, very tepid engagement of the corporate office life with Mel's viewpoints on things shifting between deep bouts of empathetic insight and aloof detachment. From the demons she works with all stumbling over themselves in shock over an angel being capable in their offices and sympathetic to their nature, to the fact that somehow the Devil, Lucifer himself, conveniently breaks from millenia of successful manipulative, seductive and exploitative behaviors to become just another bumbling, cheesily harassing office executive who has never so much as successfully flirted with anyone he didn't have the sway to have fired if he so desired. And thus is brushed off by Mel at every single turn, save for moments of deep, angelically fueled pity for his sad, sad state of existence.There is literally no sense of romance or even sexual tension in the book whatsoever between the so called main characters. Despite Mel having seemingly human moments of realistic wants and desires, reading cheesily romantic fantasy fiction and drooling over another angel leading up to a brief liaison during a work assignment together that results in the angel vanishing completely from the story afterwards, she otherwise is the epitome of bland, angelic perfection who only thinks about her work, views her demonic co-workers more like someone working a soup kitchen would view some of the more unstable and handicapped variety of downtrodden and homeless, and has zero room in her mind or heart for the Devil's very existence until an accidental touch lets her glean his soul enough to start fixating on "saving" him from his tortured existence.All which culminates into what is essentially the love a pet owner has for their dog, for all the romance they actually express in the last 15% of the book. In which Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness and Lord of Hell and all its demons, is magically redeemed to apparent full angelhood again by the sudden "love" Mel apparently feels for him and thus makes him go from being nothing but purely horny for her to somehow seeing her as the love of his life.I very rarely find books that bore me so much I can't finish reading them, but even rarer is a book that I find that barely manages to hold onto the promise of interesting content so thinly and so drawn out that I manage to finish the book only for all of it to come to naught. Mel is seemingly angelic all the time to the point of Mary Sue perfection, until she isn't in the moments where she reads naughty fiction on her phone, freezes up during public speaking only when its remarked upon that there are more than five people present listening to her, and when she's Mother Teresa to all the poor, misunderstood demons and none of them more misunderstood than Lucifer who just needs a good woman's love to fix him. Love that literally doesn't exist until the very end of the book and only after she's found her perfectly accepting and empathetic nature somehow is the one that manages to redeem the Lord of Hell himself.It is almost astonishing how one can pitch a romance between an angel and the Devil while trying to keep him from taking over the Earth via business ventures and then have the entire book essentially devoid of both halves of said plot for the entirety of it. Zero chemistry, zero genuine engagement, like the story forgot it was supposed to be a romance until the literal last second, and even then it smacks of a pity project rather than the realization of genuine emotional attachment. I have not been so bored and unmoved by the development of characters in longer than I can recall. So if you're looking for a whirlwind romance with engaging fantasy elements, I heartily suggest looking elsewhere.

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