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Fly: Goose Girl Retold (Book 3 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

Fly: Goose Girl Retold (Book 3 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

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Two princesses. One prince. And the war has just begun.

Once upon a time…

Princess Ava was sent to a neighbouring kingdom as a lady-in-waiting to her sister, their future queen. Until a runaway horse, a case of amnesia and a cold-hearted king conspire to bring her to the prince’s attention.

Now the prince believes Ava is his bride, and her sister is just a serving maid. One thing is certain: the prince must marry one of the princesses, or there will be war.

But when all’s fair in love and war…who will win the battle for the prince’s heart?


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"I like the way this author retells stories I have heard all my life. They are brought to life in an entirely new and entertaining way." - Cecelia Sutton

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"Amazing author - talented beyond belief" - Dawn


230 pages


5.06 x 0.48 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

18 November 2017


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
M. Peca

It was a quick read, could have last a little longer.
Was rushed at the end, would liked have known what
happened to the bad sister lol

Has some dark themes in it. I enjoyed this story!

This book has a few triggers, rape, death, and torture.
On that note, I enjoyed how Ava was able to rise up from her lowly position and find her courage and her love. Yun is an interesting character that you can't help but feel sorry for with the type of family he has.
Is an intense read!

avidreader Ngoiel
A delightful story of Love and kingdoms

I liked this story, the characters depicted are mostly leaning towards the dark side with the exception of the central couple.

Ilona Nurmela
A dark but unique Goose Girl retelling where there is a good reason for the switch, loved it!

A unique Goose Girl retelling - loved it! While my mind is still trapped in Ivinya's Goose girl retelling (Feathers of Snow), Carlton's version turned this rare fairytale abruptly on its head. Take one despised 16yo harem princess and a spoilt one who is the Queen's favourite, a mishap during travelling and the youngest son of a conquering king who is a kind dreamer - and stir brusquely. What if there was a good reason for the switch of the princesses and the handmaiden didn't force the princess to be the goose girl? I loved the reference to Genghis Khan & how Yun's and Ava's relationship developed - swoonworthy. For a second I thought the fairytale would mutate to the curse pf the 12 swans, but no. Lagle was a fitting name for the Goose Girl as it means “goose” in olden Estonian.Trigger warnings: parts of the story might be difficult to read for survivors of war & physical abuse as there is a rape scene that ends in death but without details.Recommended for lovers of rare retold fairytales who don't mind a bit of dark in their retellings as long as there is a HEA.

Janet Pauley
Good read

Good read , good characters. A different setting from what I usually read. Enjoyed reading of different cultures com past times.

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