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Feather: Swan Maidens Retold (Book 22 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

Feather: Swan Maidens Retold (Book 22 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

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An unwilling swan maiden. A deadly plague. Can a mother's love defeat death?

Once upon a time...

For Swanhild and Raphael, life is perfect. Betrothed and about to be married, their future should hold only happiness.
Until the plague arrives.
Swanhild's mother transforms her into a swan, hoping to help her survive the plague. Instead, Swanhild finds herself in more danger than ever.
Can she survive the intrigues of the royal court and be reunited with Raphael?


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192 pages


5.06 x 0.44 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

1 January 2023


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
love it

I loved finding out what happened with Swanhilda, and it was wonderfully written. To see the other side of the same tale is amazing.

Alex C.
Not the Best in the Series

This was a quick read and I really enjoyed being back in this world. While I love most of the fairytale retellings in this series, this one did not seem to have the direction and purpose of the others and felt like it wandered. The plot was thin and jumped around quite a lot, often not making sense. Swanhild and Raphael were just there. They lacked character development and seemed so single-minded in finding their way back to one another so they could have sex. I will say, I loved seeing characters from previous books, but in order to appreciate them, one would definitely need to read the other novels in the series. While I liked this book, I think the characters and plot could have been given more weight and development.

Great Read

The retelling of this story is so different from anything I've seen and read. The story and the pacing is just fantastic and it keeps the tradition of the original story alive in a new twist.

Excellent Retelling Of A Classic Fairytale

Feather: Swan Maden Retold by Demelza Carlton is Book 22 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series. A beautifully written retelling of a classic fairytale with wonderful characters. There were characters from other Demelza retellings that helped you get more involved in the story. This is an easy to read, page turning story that is romantic, tragic, haunting and has a HEA. Received an ARC and this is my voluntary review.

Not everyone works to feather their own nest!

What a great reworking of an old classic! Reading Raphael and Swanhild' s story was captivating... and no chore at all to read, while Swanhild, transformed into a swan, had to go through great trials. Raphael had much to endure as well, maturing him as he learned to trust and dare for one who had once filled him with fear. This was a short, entertaining tale and I highly recommend it as well worth reading, whether or not the other connected tales have been read yet.

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