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Awaken: Sleeping Beauty Retold (Book 6 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

Awaken: Sleeping Beauty Retold (Book 6 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

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A sleeping beauty. A kingdom frozen in time. Only one can save them all.

Once upon a time…

Lord Siward intended to go hunting, but when he stumbles upon a ruined castle and accidentally wakes the mysterious maiden sleeping inside, he knows his holiday is over.

With the kingdom in trouble, Siward should be protecting the realm, but every time Rosamond looks at him, he gets lost in the girl’s green eyes. Who is the mysterious beauty, and why does he feel she holds the key to the kingdom’s deliverance?


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Join thousands of enchanted readers who loved this steamy fairytale retelling from the Queen of Fairytales:

"This adult version of Sleeping Beauty is brilliant! " - Patti Hays

"If you enjoy fairy tale retellings, you'll love this! " - Carlynne Toomey

"Fantastic re-telling of the classic love fantasy" - Mary Lou PagePrincess

"I couldn't turn pages fast enough to see how Carlton's carefully crafted tale would unveil." - Roger and Jean Fauble

"To be savored" - Liz

"An enchanting read for adults" - Mama B

"Loving this series...reading late into the night" - Readerholic

"Romance well told! A really heartwarming rework of an old story" - Dennis Michaels

"A wonderful spin on Sleeping Beauty" - Marla Ramsey

"My first fairy tale romance read and I am in love!" - Kindle Customer

"Awesome...quick and funny and endearing and sexy" - Naomi V


208 pages


5.06 x 0.44 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

5 March 2018


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

Based on 317 reviews
avidreader Ngoiel
A very compelling fantasy

I really enjoyed this book. I could not stop reading until the story was over. I always enjoy reading books that keep you guessing.

Loved it

This was a pretty good story. The princess is noble in one hand an a little childish in the next. She's likeable. I'm not so sure about her maid Monika.

Amazon Customer

It was a delightful story of the week time of sleeping beauty. It's an adult story that's wonderful. I hope whoever reads it enjoys it.

Amazon Customer
Magic can be good or evil

This was a cute story of how a young princess uses magic to save her people from the plaque but has to wait for her prince to break through the 50 years of briars that have grown to protect her. After his kiss and love it takes more magic to save her from the evil that surrounds them. But King and Queen with their magic make everything better.

Kindle Customer
Different telling

This is certainly a different telling of the story but I enjoyed this one. She was quite the spoiled princess but became a mature queen.

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