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Appease: Princess and the Pea Retold (Book 8 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

Appease: Princess and the Pea Retold (Book 8 in the Romance a Medieval Fairytale series) PAPERBACK

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A princess who refuses to be a prize. A prince’s promise. Perhaps dragons aren’t so bad after all.

Once upon a time…

Promised as a prize to any hero who can slay the dragon, Princess Sativa flees the palace in search of the prince she was betrothed to as a child. But there are many miles between her and the boy who has become a king.

Can a lone princess cross the sea and convince the king she’s the princess of his dreams?


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Join thousands of enchanted readers who loved this steamy fairytale retelling from the Queen of Fairytales:

"Truly captivating. My favorite from this series!" - Patti Hayes

"Unexpectedly enchanting, this book cast a spell on my heart. A clever love story, it's a pure delight" - Nella M

"An amazing story retold with a unique twist" - Kayla Reindl

"OMG! This book was absolutely thrilling! Absolutely amazing read!!!" - Flipper 08

"Bold characters, original storyline. Beautiful writing" - Sharon Sherman

"A delightful and imaginative take on the Princess and the Pea" - Lisa H

"Love the new take on an old classic" - Amazon Customer

"I loved this retelling of a favorite classic" - Mary Lou Page Princess Hoffman

"A fresh and unique retelling" - Avid Reader

"Another fabulous retelling of a classic fairy tale by Demelza Carlton" - The Mysterious Amazon Customer

"I LOVE these tales by Demelza" - Irene M

"So refreshing to read" - Athena Lee Brown

"I couldn't put it down once I started reading" - Tutsie Kay

"A familiar tale with some interesting twists and surprises" - Peggy C

"An absolutely stunning retelling brimming with knights, dragons & pirates. A fabulous twist on a medieval fairytale that I couldn't put down" - Sophie Koufes

"A new and fresh retelling" - Jenny K

"This is a splendid book - action packed and full of adventure!" - Tamara Ingram

"Action-packed with vivid imagery, drama and romance, with a hint of intrigue. I couldn't help but get lost in the story." - AC

"I adored this book. Full of fun, adventure and packed with suspense and action. And of course romance." - Karen

"The BEST version of the Princess and the Pea I have ever seen!" - Lady Corinth

"This is my favorite, so far, of these fairy tales retold" - Sunnyles

"I like this one even better than the original. So go ahead, grab a cup of coffee, grab this book and let its magic give you a relaxing reading time." - Birgit

"Fairy tales even better than the originals." - Barbara VW

"If you enjoy fairytales grab this one and enjoy!" - Auburnedge


230 pages


5.06 x 0.52 x 7.81 inches



Publication Date

20 November 2017


Lost Plot Press

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Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
LE La Princessa
Interesting re-telling

I have always liked this fairytale. This was an interesting update. A bit grisly at points but interesting. I like the bold characters.

Thomas Phillips

It started out pretty good but just became darker and kinky, and dirty. It had promise but the fairytale devolved into a dark perverse fantasy.

Great Retelling

Another great retelling of a classic fairy tale for adults. Add in dragons, pirates, danger and a betrothed she hasn't seen in many years and you have a great story. The narrator did a great job with the story. I loved the entire performance as I have for all the stories in the medieval fairy tale series. I can't wait for the next one. I received the audiobook from the author for an honest review.

Another great story

Each of book in this series that I have listened to has been awesome. The stories are great because they are very different than the ones I remember as a child. This one was a journey that Princess Sativa will never forget. Being given to a strange man as a prize did not sit well with the feisty princess. She had to make it to the castle of her betrothed on her own. So she went on a very dangerous journey that almost cost her life and worse. Loved it

Starr Wilde
Very interesting Princess & Pea (straw) tale

Very good...has a bit of everything...spunky girl, longing king, horses, pigs, pirates, periphreal dragons and more...Would be happy to read more of their future...

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